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Do You Even Know What A Wawa Is?

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May 8th, 2009

09:57 am - In honor of Trek:





Explicit lyrics on this one:

And of course....


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April 13th, 2009

11:38 am - Not Much.

I want to say I have something profound or uniquely of interest to speak on--'course I don't have much of much so instead of rambling about misfortunes and piss poor moods, I'll let you, all you alls, know what I've been doing on the somewhat positive:

Lately I'd been doing a mess of art for in-game cash and favors on World of Warcraft. It's been pretty profitable, I've leveled with ease and I've got good gear to do the stuff I like to do in the game--I'll glaze this for sake of the layman who has no interest in the game--it's worked out for me anyway. I've actually been happy to admit that for the first time ever, I've been confident enough with my art to do it as something of a marketable skill. I excel, I think, at portraits, faces and expression. Considering my terrible ability to see and determine texture and depth, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

I'm looking to build up a better portfoilo of stuff that's different than just elves, nekkid elves, or more elves.

Tonight I'm pulling out the digital camera and taking some pictures of Rob, of them I'll find something I like enough to duplicate and expound on. From there I might even venture a self-portrait.

All my work starts in sketch format in pencil, then I scan, outline and color in Photoshop CS2.

On the off chance anyone wants to commission me, I'd be more than happy to take on work for cash, booze or food. In some cases, I'd even be happy just to take the task to expand on my skills. I'm a late bloomer in this regard and I'm untrained.

At any length, I have a Deviant Art: meil.deviantart.com
There are a lot of pics there I'm going to double back on and clean up--dunno how I thought some were even passable.

I'm also thinking of moving things to another account, as soon as I figure out what my "Studio" name or production name would be.

's all that's fit to print.
( <3 )
(Also belated Happy Easter and a multitude of other things, mad thanks and propers to Trina K for having us over for dinner last night!)
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April 8th, 2009

06:32 pm - Boston Area.
Does anyone know anyone who would need a roommate in the forseeable future?


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August 25th, 2008

08:22 pm - Nerd. Gasm.

Blade of the Immortal animated.



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April 10th, 2008

08:26 am - To my MA people...
Who's going to see Chuck Berry? Anyone?

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March 18th, 2008

01:39 pm - To my laydeez from Phillay!

I'm going to the Boston rendition of this tonight. The event is boss and y'all should check it out. It wasn't around last year from what I recall of it, scope it out!

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March 15th, 2008

11:29 am - I think one ought to read this..

I don't pass around too much of anything these days, but it's the child of an Oklahoma City bombing victim replying to a Rep's statement that gays are worse than terrorism. Enjoy, it's a pretty thoughtful read.

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February 7th, 2008

06:19 pm - If y'all haven't seen this already, rectify that.

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December 25th, 2007

03:38 pm - Christmas wishes from Rob and me!

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December 17th, 2007

07:44 pm - So yeah, it's been a while.
-I have a new roommate. She is Amanda. She likes zombies and beer and is genderlessly Quaker as I am. She is cool. And thanks to her, we has a Christmas tree. Again, Amanda is fantastically awesome.

-Still not talking to Mom, which has morphed into actually holding conversations with relatives I'd typically called just to check in with. Humor follows as new revelations are made and perspective is added. Feeling a lot less weight and burden having people help me put it all in line with itself.

-Living with Rob is good, having space in my room is good. Having a Wii is grand.

-So much for the created position: I've had it up to my eyeballs with the politics and the less than organized ways work does what work does. I'm out on another job interview come morning. I've been on another, and am the front runner from the sounds of things. Pay is superior, work is of a questionable moral nature (assisting defense attorneys for insurance firms) and I'd feel bad for every child with a birth defect we've stiffed of cash. Another position (of which I interview tomorrow) is MSH which helps people through the use of science the world over. And is big into family planning. I am fond of the contraception. Oh, the pay is lesser but the benefits are better. Both are playing pretty even with me.

-Cooking more. It's making things a bit weird.

-Broke a tooth chewing on my nails. Had it sealed out the next day. Thank you MIT dental service!

-Part time jobs blow. Being a greeter at GameStop will not appear on my resume. I will never speak of it again.

-Oil is a fuckton more expensive than last year, as such showers are rations, clothes are washed cold and Amanda's sleeping on the couch since the thermostat hasn't liked any of her earlier offerings of appeasement. Guah. Old houses are bad and good.

-Highly anticipating my first Christmas without tears. Rob and I already got our gifts, because we had to get them when the money was good. Rob has: A new MP3 player, a grill, Rockband which he paid for but really couldn't afford at the time so we shifted funds a bit, and a couple small things I'm nabbing before it gets crazy. I has perfume, a giant case of estee lauder makeup, a BITCHIN STRAIGHTENING IRON OF AWESOME and a super cute new haircut with newly re-browned hair. It's a long bob--okay, so it was just a smidge inspired by Posh Becks and Katie Holmes. It hides my third chin, okay?!
Current Mood: coldcold

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